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The best pillows 2022 for a luxurious night’s sleep

As we finally realize how important a good night’s sleep is to our health and well-being, it’s amazing how many of us will put up with a pillow that’s uncomfortable, whether it’s too flat, too long, too soft, or too hard.

This is not a frivolous matter either. Research has shown that sleep has a stronger association with a person’s well-being than almost anything else in their life. In addition to the best pillowcase and most comfortable mattress topper, investing in the right pillow will pay off and help you get a good night’s sleep.

Our full reviews of this year’s best pillows are below, with a detailed FAQ on how to care for your pillows and the difference between down, feather, cotton, memory foam, synthetic fiber and hybrid pillows. If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick look at our top five, followed by some topline advice.

The five best pillows of 2022 at a glance

Why is it important to regularly buy new pillows?

A squashed pillow from overuse can put a strain on your neck and shoulders, so experts recommend replacing them every two years. (If you suffer from a bad back or neck, it might also be worth checking out our guide to the best mattresses for back pain.)

Dust mites and other allergens can also build up in pillows if you neglect to wash and replace your pillows regularly. A study from the University of Manchester found that the average pillow used for more than 18 months contains at least a million mold spores.

For this test, we worked our way through a constant rotation of new pillows, looking for pillows that help you sleep better. The first thing we learned is that material is an important factor in the pillow you choose. There are roughly four types you should know: washable cotton, luxury down, memory foam for support and modern microfiber. See the FAQs at the bottom of this article for a full explanation of the pros and cons of each.

How we tested the best pillows

We started by sleeping on each pillow for a minimum of three consecutive nights. We were looking for comfort, support and temperature control, but also a nice feeling and a pillow that didn’t need to be filled constantly. We assessed each model on these factors and combined it with expert insights to form our rankings. If you’re still looking for a better night’s sleep, you might want to check out our guides to the best mattresses and sleeper sofas below.

The best pillows

1. Simba hybrid pillow

£81.75, Simba

Best for height adjustment, 10/10