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Stockton police officer charged with elder theft, forgery, credit card fraud

20131016 — Three new officers were sworn into the Stockton Police Department by Chief Jones on Wednesday, October 16. They also announced the recruitment of two new police officers in training. Chief Jones can be seen here with Ny Tran.Transmission Reference: REC1310161756383127

Stockton police officer Ny Tran wore a gray suit during a short hearing, in which he was the defendant.

The officer is charged with elder theft, grand larceny, identity theft, fraudulent use of a credit card and three counts of forgery. Tran was arrested last week but released on bail.

He remains on administrative leave.

Tran’s attorney, Chris Walsh, asked San Joaquin County Judge Ronald Northup to object to news outlets showing his client’s face. The lawyer said he got discovery on Monday and couldn’t see through it.

Northup rejected Walsh’s request.

A protection order was issued and given to the judge. Tran must obey the order and stay away from the victim, whose name was kept confidential during the court hearing, and continue the investigation pending trial.

“We’re going to look closely at the evidence. Obviously, if he did something wrong, they’re going to be responsible for it,” Walsh said. “In the meantime, I would like to ask people not to prejudge this case and let the trial run smoothly. He is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Even though he is a police officer, he has a right to be.”

District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar held a press conference after the hearing to discuss the allegations.

There is one victim in the case who is under guardianship and in his early eighties. The victim suffers “from some form of disability,” said Verber Salazar.

“My office… received a tip about the elder fraud line from this victim’s state-appointed conservator,” she said. “The trustee finds checks written to the defendant in large sums of money, in addition to frequent credit card payments totaling nearly $50,000.”

Verber Salazar said her office has been investigating Tran for the past few months. On Thursday, the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s office filed a criminal complaint.

Tran has been with the Stockton Police Department since October 2013.

“Like you, I am at my wits end. Like you, I am disappointed,” said Verber Salazar.

Verber Salazar urged the community to come forward if they have experienced something similar. She said the office “received information” this weekend about other possible police investigations.

“At this time, my office has opened the elder fraud tip line in case new victims come forward,” she said.

Tran is scheduled to appear in court on December 13.

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This article originally appeared on The Record: Officer Tran will appear in court on Monday