Shraddha Murder Case Father Tells Facts On Daughter Muslim Boyfriend Aftab Poonawala

Shraddha’s father told that I was not talking to Shraddha since 2021. I had expressed displeasure after knowing about the boy… I had asked questions to the daughter that how are you? What are you doing and where do you live? This made her angry. She told that she lives with Aftab. The conversation stopped when I got angry. In 2020, when my wife died of Corona. During that time I met Aftab. Seeing him, I had said that I do not like this boy at all. I told my daughter, ‘I will marry you in a good house in my community. After this Shraddha started avoiding me.

He further says, ‘I did not want my daughter to live with or marry a Muslim. I had denied him about Aftab from the beginning. I didn’t like that. I felt something was wrong, but she did not agree. I had never met Aftab before, but when my wife died, he used to come and go during that time. In the meeting twice, I started having some doubt that this boy is not well.

Vikas Walker further explains in a Ruansi voice, ‘I did not like the boy from the beginning. Shraddha was also explained that she should stay away from it, but the daughter went away from us. Shraddha broke ties with the family and went to live with Aftab.

Shraddha’s father further says, ‘We did not talk to Shraddha, but I used to get to know about Shraddha’s well-being through her friends. It was known through friends that both have now started living in Delhi with a flat. Shraddha’s friend Laxman Nadar called my son on August 14 that Shraddha’s mobile was switched off for two months. Can’t find any news. did he call? The son told me this. Then I called Laxman. After knowing about Shraddha from Laxman, I started getting very worried, then I started meeting all the friends of the daughter one by one.

When did you talk to Aftab? In response to this question, Vikas Walker says, ‘Aftab was called by the police to Vasai. He also came for two-four days. That’s where I talked to him. I asked where is Shraddha? Why is his phone getting switched off? On this she said that we have broken up, so she went somewhere else. I asked that she was living with you for two and a half years. She is living separately, so you should have told us, shouldn’t you? Aftab interrupted me on this. Said that when there is no relation with you people, then why should I tell about the breakup. This made me suspect that this boy is hiding things.

Shraddha’s father further says, ‘The police also started getting suspicious. That’s why the police contacted the Mehrauli police station. When a case was registered in Delhi’s Mehrauli police station and the police started questioning, even then Aftab kept on repeating the breakup. I started feeling from his gesture that he is lying and hiding a lot.

Aftab crossed all limits of cruelty with Shraddha, what do you want now? Vikas Walker pauses a bit before answering this question… as if the daughter’s face has come to the fore… then wiping tears, says – ‘She has done a lot wrong. I want that the worse he has done, the worse the punishment he should get.

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