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Rotorua drink-driving checkpoints put 18 drivers over the limit

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Police at the Malfoy Road checkpoint in Rotorua.
Photo: NZ Police

Police say drunk drivers do not understand the message after a stab ahead of the Six 60 concert in Rotorua yesterday revealed that 18 drivers exceeded the limit.

About 960 drivers were stopped at two police checks and seven of those who exceeded the limit were caught in a 75-minute period prior to the nearly sold-out concert.

Three vehicles were seized and a disqualified driver was also detained, police said.

Sergeant Mark Holmes said the number of drunk drivers caught was pointlessly high.

“Free buses were provided for people going to and from the performance, and police had warned people to expect checkpoints before and after the concert. It is incredibly frustrating that we have caught so many people,” he said in a statement.

People didn’t realize the impact a drink-driving conviction could have on their work, private lives and ability to travel abroad with possible difficulties in getting insurance, credit and work visas, he said.

“This is without mentioning the catastrophic damage a crash will inflict on the human body, and the trauma it inflicts on those who experience it. Disabled drivers are at greater risk of crashing, and we make no apologies for checkpoints taking them off the road,” said Holmes.