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Recovering Victims Worry The West Side Halloween Mass Shooting Is Being Forgotten

CHICAGO (UKTN) — It’s been two weeks since someone opened fire on 14 relatives on the West Side of the city – killing one.

The mass shooting remains unsolved. Police said they found the vehicle used in the Halloween night shooting, but no one has been arrested.

Meanwhile, UKTN 2’s recovering victims Jermont Terry tell them they fear this case will be forgotten. They wonder if Chicago police and the community are still pushing to find the gunmen who caused the family so much pain.

The shooting occurred at approximately 9:30 p.m. Monday, October 31 at Polk Street and California Avenue, on the edge of East Garfield Park and Lawndale.

A vigil had just been held and a balloon released for a woman who died of natural causes when gunfire erupted from a car. It all happened within seconds.

A total of 14 people were shot, including three children aged 3, 11 and 17. A 15th victim was hit by a car as he tried to get away from the shooting.

One man, Pierre Riley, 48, has died from his injuries sustained in the shooting.

Fourteen days after the mass shooting, some of the injured remained in hospital.

“I have nerve damage where the bullet entered my leg,” Conttina Phillips, the shooting victim, said via FaceTime.

Indeed, FaceTime is the only way Cherise Patterson has seen Phillips, her sister. Patterson – who organized the Halloween vigil – has two bullets in her leg herself.

“You’ve marked this family forever,” Patterson said, addressing the shooter or shooters.

Patterson worries about himself and the recovery of 13-year-old Demetrius Davis and his 3-year-old brother, Demayn. They are the youngest victims.

Demetrius Davis

Family photo

Demayn Davis

Family photo

Demayn was shot twice in the calf. Demetrius receives physiotherapy and learns to walk again. His mother feels guilty for taking her children out that night.

“I feel her pain and I understand her, but I want to say it’s not her fault — and I blame myself that it’s not my fault,” Patterson said. “There is no one to blame except the gunmen.”

The shooter or shooters are still on the run. Meanwhile, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Police Supt. David Brown, aldermen and community activists gathered in the days after the mass shooting to call for peace.

At the time of the city officials’ visit two nights after the shooting, Patterson questioned the sincerity of the appointed and elected officials present.

“They’re here now because of the media, you know? So yeah, this is all for show and tell,” she said at the time.

Patterson said Monday that no one has reached out.

“Now, you don’t hear from them, so that’s why everyone got in touch; everyone was concerned?” she said. “Because now you don’t hear anything.”

While dealing with physical pain, the stull must bury Riley, the man who died from his injuries in the shooting. Riley was photographed at the vigil right before the shooting.

Pierre Riley

Family photo

Patterson wonders if the outcry will continue and if the police are determined to solve the crime as promised.

At the vigil on the night of Nov. 2, “You can run, but you can’t hide from the Chicago police who hold you accountable.”

Regarding that comment, Patterson said Monday, “I’m just praying he means what he said, and he’s 1,000 percent in what he said.”

Monday was Patterson’s birthday. She said it’s hard to celebrate when the family continues to go through so much.

Chicago police still have a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the mass shooting. Anyone who submits a tip can remain anonymous.