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Melbourne wins new title as ‘friendliest city in the world’


Melbourne may no longer be the most ‘livable’ city in the world, but it has earned a whole new title.

British insurance company William Russell named Melbourne the ‘friendliest’ city in the world after analyzing data from “23 of the most visited cities in the world”.

Five key factors were taken into account: resident happiness, safety, LGBTQI+ inclusion, tourist attractions and hotel ratings.

It concluded that Melbourne had a ‘friendly city score’ of 6.06.

The study called Melbourne the ‘capital of cool’, where residents are ‘renowned for their friendliness’.

It also applauded Melbourne for being “forward-thinking” and a “fully open, inclusive and competitive city”.

Residents’ quality of life played a major role at the top spot, it said, with Melbourne achieving a quality of life score of 7,296 out of 10.

The study also mentioned the Queen Victoria Market, which was the city’s top attraction according to the online review platform Yelp.

Paris, the city of love, is in second place.

Despite the persistent stereotype that the French are rude to tourists, Paris scored 5.99 for friendliness and 6.635 out of 10 for happiness.

In third place is Vienna with a friendliness score of 5.91.

The study praised the Austrian capital for its safety, inclusiveness and quality of life.

However, Sydney was nowhere to be seen, much to the delight of the Melburnians.

Sydneysiders seemingly admitted earlier this year that it wasn’t exactly the friendliest place to live.

Time Out’s annual Index results ranked Sydney as the third worst city in the world for making new friends in July.

This was after 71 per cent of Sydney residents surveyed said the city was a difficult place to socialize and make new friends.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for Sydney. The city is ranked eighth on William Russell’s list of the safest cities in the world.

The insurance company also named Sydney the sixth happiest city in the world, two spots behind Melbourne.

It may be the first time Melbourne has been dubbed the ‘capital of cool’, but it’s not the first time the city has been recognized for its friendliness.

Conde Nast Travelerthe UK’s leading travel magazine named Melbourne the friendliest city in the world in 2014, sharing the title with Auckland, New Zealand.