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Meet Amar Singh, a Sikh man of Indian descent who won the 2022 Australian of the year award

Amar Singh, a Sikh man of Indian descent, has been honored with the Australian of the Year 2022 title awarded to him by the New South Wales government. Singh received this award for his exceptional community service over the years.

Amar Singh, 41, a Sikh living in Australia, was credited for his community service during floods, bushfires, drought and the Covid-19 pandemic. Singh was awarded in the ‘local heroes’ category.

The national award honored the achievements of community members while highlighting the importance of service to the nation of Australia. The award is announced each year by the NSW Government in a variety of categories.

Who is Amar Singh, Australian of the Year?

Amar Singh is a Sikh man living in Australia who has been working for years for the betterment of the community through many crises. He faced several insults because of his beard and turban, which are an important part of Sikh traditions.

The volunteer founded “Turbans 4 Australia” seven years ago, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting the displaced and the vulnerable affected by natural disasters. He has also helped several communities fight homelessness and food shortages.

Amar Singh, of Indian descent, a leading advocate of multiculturalism and social cohesion, has faced ethnic harassment for his beard and turban, according to a New South Wales government press release.

The 41-year-old believes that helping others should not be restricted by religion, language or cultural background. Singh moved to Australia as a teenager and has been passionate about helping underprivileged communities since a young age.

The press release said: “Each week, Turbans 4 Australia packages and distributes up to 450 food and grocery packs to people experiencing food insecurity in Western Sydney. Turbans 4 Australia has supplied hay to farmers battling drought; supplies to flood victims in Lismore and bushfire-affected people on the south coast, and food hampers the isolated and vulnerable during COVID-19 lockdowns.

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