Man falls in love with receptionist, now lives with 2 girlfriends! – Polyamorous couple in relationship with his receptionist have first child together tstsb

throuple kid sixteen nine

The couple, who have been living together for five years, included a woman in their relationship with mutual consent. Now Thrapal’s love story is in discussion. Robert McCoy, Destiny Griffin and Victoria Gibson, all three are about 25 years old. All three of them are residents of California, USA.

Earlier Robert and Destiny were in a relationship. They both knew each other since childhood. The couple was also together for 5 years. After this, Victoria entered their relationship.

Victoria was the receptionist in Robert’s company. Then all three started hanging out together. Gradually all three started realizing that they have started liking each other. Then all three started living together. Then all three decided to start a family together.

First Victoria became pregnant, but she miscarried. However, on the same day Destiny came to know that she is pregnant. Then Destiny gave birth to the child. He was named Asmodeus (Momo) Reign Valhalla.

In a conversation with The Mirror, Victoria said – We wanted to start a family for a long time. It was initiated by Robert. Destiny gave birth to Asmodeus (Momo) Reign Valhalla. We wanted to give the child such a name which sounds very powerful. Destiny now works part-time and Robert works full-time.

Most of the people congratulated Thrapal on the birth of the child and commented in his support. Everyone started focusing on the child more than this relationship. Victoria said- I had not imagined such a life. But when it is in front of me, I am not able to imagine anything other than this.

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