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How Saturday Night Live apparently mocked Dave Chappelle’s controversies before his last hosting party

Last week saw quite a buzz about the upcoming episode of Saturday Night LiveWhich includes comedian Dave Chappelle. A number of commenters emerged surprised that the stand-up comedy show might ask the humorous man back at this point in time. Over the past year, Chappelle has made headlines for sharing controversial clips on some of his recent routines. Whether or not Chappelle actually discusses the backlash he received at some point during the show remains to be seen. But before his last hosting party, he and SNL He himself seemed to laugh at his arguments.

As with every new episode of SNL, NBC released a promo that teases what’s to come. This is the last ad shared Twitter, sees Dave Chappelle alongside guest musician Black Star and cast member Ego Nwodim. In the second form of the ad, Nodim wonders if the show will actually take place with Chappelle. And when the star confirms this, the actress replies with only one word. check it out:

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