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Here Is Who They Are And How They Make Their Money

The latest trend that is currently taking place in Nigeria concerns young teens who now consider themselves boys who are taking advantage of this. While this is a shocking reality, no one expected a day like this to stare us in the eye.

How could we expect that a day would come when students would not respect their teachers because they are richer than them or drive more expensive cars than their teachers?

In case you were wondering what boys mean, I decided to write this article to share some more light on what boys really mean and what kind of things these boys do in each of them. secondary schools.

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Benefit Boys Benefit Boys: Here's Who They Are and How They Make Their Money
Saleh Benin

The boys benefited from my little research are a group of young people involved in online fraud. It is this group of young people who receive some of the relief money that the US government gives to American citizens.

You will all remember that Corona virus has hampered a lot of activities especially business activities all over the world. America is one of the hardest hit countries when it comes to the coronavirus with over 1 million confirmed cases and over 130,000 deaths.

In order to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on its citizens, the US government pays more than two-thirds of its population a certain type of money called unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefit is paid out weekly to nearly every US citizen. The benefit falls under the category of unemployment insurance. Benefit Boys: Here's who they are and how they make their money

The unemployment beneficiary paid to Americans weekly is $600 and the monthly equivalent is $2,400. Therefore, a portion of the unemployment benefits paid to ordinary Americans is what young Nigerians steal from them.

As we all know by now, cyber crime in Nigeria is on the rise. It has gotten to a point where there are as many young people involved as in the past while schools were under lock and key.

So Nigerian youths with no work at hand joined the train of “Yahoo guys” masquerading as NOT in order to snatch their hard-earned coins from white men and women. Benefit Boys: Here's who they are and how they make their money

They spend hours on their phones visiting foreign dating site, participating in romance scam and other scams known as email scam and others.

While using a name that does not belong to them and pretending that they are not, these young Nigerian Americans who are looking for a worthwhile relationship partner online are scamming them. Benefit Boys: Here's who they are and how they make their money

Hence, after sweet talking to these Americans for days, they are forced to part with some of their interest money after being emotionally locked up.

The dole money that the Yahoo Boys receive from unsuspecting Americans is what we call bounty money. The group of Yahoo Boys who benefit from Benefit Money are themselves called Benefit Boys.Benefit Boys: Here's who they are and how they make their money

And so these young teens took on many abuse even their teachers just because they had money to spend. Their lifestyle includes buying expensive cars, smoking, partying, wearing expensive clothes and shoes, using expensive wristwatches, and buying the latest and most stylish phones.