Football field-sized asteroid approaching Earth

asteroide terra 1

An asteroid the size of a football field will pass close to Earth this Thursday, the 17th. NASAthe celestial body must reach a distance of more than 6 million kilometers, which, although a little close on a cosmic scale, does not risk hitting our planet.

With about 100 meters in size, the asteroid 2019 XS, as it was christened by american space agency, continues to travel through space at a speed of 42 thousand kilometers per hour. According to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNOS), the agility of the celestial body corresponds to 13 times more than a bullet from a rifle.

Research by the Davidson Institute of Science investigated the relationship between the size of an asteroid and the possible impacts it can cause on Earth if they crash. According to the study, a celestial body measuring 140 meters would release an amount of energy at least a thousand times greater than that released by the atomic bomb during World War II.

In the case of asteroid 2019 XS, the impacts of a possible shock could cause serious damage and destruction to Earth, but would not lead to an extinction of the human species.

In November, the Carnegie Institute for Science discovered an asteroid that is also approaching Earth. This is the 2022 AP7, which is 1.5 kilometers long. “The threat is not immediate,” said Scott Sheppard, a researcher at the center responsible for the finding. The celestial body must take five years to circle the Sun and head towards the Earth, without necessarily colliding with it.

The discovery was made by means of the Victor M. Blanco telescope, in Chile, with the results published in the scientific journal The Astronomical Journal🇧🇷 According to a statement from the North American research center NOIRLab, it is the “largest potentially dangerous object revealed in the last eight years”.

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