Fans Feel Sad after BTS Jin Confirms to begin His military service on 13 December


On Thursday, local media reported that BTS’ oldest member would serve his military service on 13th December, becoming the first member of the band to be enlisted. The South Korean military still requires all men under 30 to serve for about two years, largely due to the country’s ongoing conflict with nuclear-armed North Korea. In other words, Jin, a highly popular septet member who is 29 years old, is approaching his cut-off year. The 4th of December marks the 30th birthday of BTS member Jin.

Yonhap reported, citing military and industry sources, that he will start his five-week mandatory training at Yeoncheon in Gyeonggi province before being deployed to a frontline unit. Prior to this, the singer had hinted on social media that he had been assigned to the front line. Fans were shocked and emotional by the news, and some expressed concern for Jin’s safety. When I read he will be deployed to the front line, my heart literally dropped, one fan wrote, adding: This military thing that surrounds BTS for years has never really concerned me before. Front line? Why? Why?? In the opinion of another fan: I can’t help but think that they are punishing him in the most difficult and frightening way possible.

BTS Member Jin Confirms Military Service Date And Requests Army In Weverse Post Not To Visit Him

The official enlistment date of BTS member Jin has been confirmed after days of speculation. It has been confirmed that Jin, the eldest member of BTS, is enlisting in the military on 13th December. Jin shared a post on Weverse on Thursday informing his fans about the reports. There is an article out there that I didn’t intend to be published. In any case, I ask ARMY to refrain from coming to the training centre. There will be many other people there and it could get dangerous if there are too many people. Army I love you, BTS Jin Wrote. A fan responded to Jin’s update with mixed emotions. I am sad because Jin will be enlisted shortly at the same time angry that they are invading Jin’s privacy. What about Jin’s safety and privacy now that we know he must leave? Despite the fact that he hasn’t even arrived, information has already been leaked. Someone tweeted, He needs to be protected from those who will try to sell him out.

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The importance of respecting his wishes and leaving him alone cannot be overstated, wrote a Twitter user. If they are really a REAL ARMY, I hope they will understand this situation…. I hope they will understand his concerns for our safety! Love yourself before you start loving artists… That’s more like it, read one tweet. A new report has emerged saying that Jin will begin his military service on 13th December. A month after his agency BigHit Music announced he would enlist, a new report says the singer will begin his service on 13th December. On Thursday, BigHit Music addressed Jin’s enlistment in the South Korean military. Unnamed military authorities were quoted in the South Korean daily Aju Business Daily as saying Jin was going to be deployed after attending boot camp. Jin will enter the recruit training centre in Yeoncheon County, Gyeonggi Province, according to Soompi.

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