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Everything you need to know about Mariners, Blue Jays Teoscar Hernandez deal

Never bet against Jerry Dipoto’s foreign trade. The Seattle Mariners have added former Blue Jays All-Star Teoscar Hernandez to their lineup.

The Blue Jays surprised baseball Wednesday morning by dealing Teoscar Hernandez west to the Seattle Mariners.

while dealing with the All-Stars under the control of the team For another year that may seem surprising to most, it’s part of the business of baseball.

Toronto has its reasons – anchoring its target with one of the best right-handed late shooters in the American League and a high starting potential prospect.

Teoscar Hernandez trade details:

Trade details are as follows. In Hernandez, Seattle took the big name in the trade and acquired one of the hardest hitters in baseball to protect Julio Rodriguez in an already exciting lineup.

blue jays

RHP, Eric Swanson

LHP, Adam Mako

Get the sailors

OF, Teoscar Hernandez

  • What does Toronto earn? Hernandez is a free agent after this season. If he were to leave after receiving a qualifying offer in 2023, the Jays would get some draft capital — though it wouldn’t amount to what they got in this trade alone. The 29-year-old Swanson had a sub-2 ERA and 70 strikeouts in over 50 innings pitched for the M’s. Macko is a left-handed pitching prospect who, according to some scouts, plans to start at the top of the rotation.
  • What does Seattle gain? Hernandez hit .267/.316/.491 last season with 25 home runs and 77 RBIs. He will start in right field next to Phenomenon Rodriguez. Hernandez will make more than $12 million in arbitration, most likely. Recent long-term contract trends in Seattle suggest they can sign him before it comes to that.

Who won trades for Teoscar Hernandez, Mariners or Blue Jays?

The alleged winner of this trade will not be determined for some time, but the sailors receive the immediate effect. The AL West is an arms race between Seattle, and its rival, the Houston Astros, who have just won a World Series. Dibuto has to keep up.

If Seattle fails to sign Hernandez long-term, they will still receive what amounts to a third-round draft pick as long as they offer him a qualifying offer out of next season. In either case, the rent pays a dividend.

For Toronto, getting something of value for Hernandez to help them win makes sense now. Swanson is a legitimate weapon for the bulls’ back, while Macko could turn into a cutting edge starter in the not too distant future.

Who will replace Teuscar Hernandez at Outfield Blue Jays?

Per John MorosiThe Blue Jays didn’t make this trade without a backup plan. In dealing with Hernandez, you can expect Toronto to find several outside free agent players this offseason. That will reportedly include former New York Mets player Brandon Nimmo, whose market is suddenly heating up.