Daniel Lucas Oxford Died, Who Is Daniel Lucas Oxford? How Did Daniel Lucas Oxford Die? Jeffree Star Accident Friend Cause Of Death Revealed

Who Is Daniel Lucas Oxford?

Daniel Lucas Oxford died of stage 4 cancer. Jeffree Star Cosmetics tells its condolences. Many are searching who is Daniel Lucas Oxford and how did he die. You can know the answer in this article. Jeffree Star, an American YouTuber, took to social media on Sunday, November 27, 2022, to express his sadness. Scroll down to know how Daniel Oxford died.

Daniel Lucas Oxford Died

Sadly, Daniel Lucas has passed away. Jeffree Star expressed his sadness for the terrible incident. The statement reads,

“I can’t believe my best friend is gone. Daniel and I shared almost 20 years of an amazing friendship. Last night he sadly passed away and lost his battle with stage 4 cancer. I’ll never forget the first day we met, I had no idea at the time that it was such a blessing that he was put into my life.

Daniel and I bonded instantly and I can only count a few people on my right hand who I trust my life with, my heart, my secrets, and my insecurities.. and he never judged me once.”

How Did Daniel Lucas Oxford Die?

Daniel died of stage 4 cancer. Jeffree Star was hard to fathom that this day was here, but Jeffree had never seen someone fight harder to live. Jeffree said when Daniel was diagnosed with cancer, and he never let it stop him, and he was the strongest person Jeffree thought he had ever met.

Jeffree said he was so grateful and blessed to have traveled the world with Daniel, performed on stage together before thousands of people, and explored almost every state in America.


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Jeffree Star Car Accident

In 2021, Jeffree posted pictures of the Rolls-Royce that was crushed during his car accident. Jeffree said he lost control of the vehicle after hitting some black ice, which sent Jeffree and his passenger flying off the road. While Jeffree was leaving doctors’ care, Daniel was not as he revealed he was dealing with lingering colon issues.

Jeffree Star Accident Friend Cause Of Death Revealed

Daniel died and Jeffree has talked about his friend’s cancer. Daniel was battling stage 3 conal malignant growth for almost three years. As mentioned above, Daniel died after a prolonged illness from stage 4 cancer. Daniel is the strongest guy, and after receiving a cancer diagnosis, Daniel never let it stop him.┬áDaniel has also shared on Instagram about his cancer.

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