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‘Danger!’ Tournament of Champions: Amy Schneider, Sam Buttrey and Andrew He’s first final match comes down to big bets

(Photo: Jeopardy.com)

Warning: This post contains spoilers.

On the first day of the finals in the Danger! Tournament of Champions super smart past champions Sam Buttrey, Amy Schneider and Andrew He brought it serious. While they’re all from Northern California, host Ken Jennings noted that they’re from three different generations: Buttrey is a baby boomer, Schneider is a Gen Xer, and he’s a millennial.

And he and Schneider had a history in the game. Schneider is the player who defeated He in November 2021, ending his five match streak.

Fans were thrilled no matter who they wanted to win.

The first round was super competitive and by the end the game was too narrow: $5,000 for Schneider, $4,800 for Buttrey and $4,200 for He. One thing that could have made a difference was the $800 designation in the “At the Mall of America” ​​category, but it ended up being a triple stumper. The clue read: “Fabletics, co-founded by this actress.” Only He buzzed in and replied, “Alba,” but the correct answer was Kate Hudson.

It includes his winnings from the first Daily Double, which he answered correctly. He picked another one in the second round and, as in his semifinal, made a big bet – everything – that paid off. While Buttrey took the other Double and also bet big, he answered wrong.

After the double danger! round, Buttrey was in third place with $12,000, while Schneider had $14,600 and he had $18,800. But then Schneider missed the Final Jeopardy! ask. He and Buttrey both answered correctly, but Buttrey had bet nothing. Not surprisingly to anyone who watched the TOC, he bet a cool $10,401. Final Scores: Schneider $4,600; Buttrey $12,000; and $29,201 for He.

As Jennings pointed out, under the new Tournament of Champions rules, the winner of the $250,000 prize will be the first player in the finals to win three games, so it will take at least Wednesday.