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Celebrity Jeopardy winner Wil Wheaton made big lifestyle changes to lose weight

Celebrity Jeopardy‘s eighth episode starring Wil Wheaton, Joel Kim Booster, and John Michael Higgins released on November 13, and the former was the winner of the semifinal.

In Celebrity Jeopardy, three famous personalities participate in the competition every Sunday. The winner advances to the semi-finals, and a singular winner then heads to the finals.

In the recent episode, the Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory and Stand By me star, Wil, won. Besides his acting roles, Wil also inspired fans through his impressive weight loss.

Wil Wheaton is officially a Celebrity Jeopardy finalist now

Wil went up against America Say host and actor John Michael and Fire Island actor Joel Kim.

While all three players gave their absolute best to win, the competition between Wil and Joel was more cutthroat.

One of the game’s Double Jeopardy rounds with two Daily Doubles went to Wil and another to Joel.

Joel and Wil both were attempting trick questions. However, Wil advanced to finals as he picked two Daily Doubles. Joel’s score after the final round was $19,600, while Wil stood tall at $32,200.

Wil details his weight loss journey

Fans love Wil for his goofy personality, which was on full display during his Celebrity Jeopardy appearance. However, one thing many noticed about him is that he has lost a considerable amount of weight.

Back in 2016, Will took to his personal blog and detailed his weight-loss journey.

He noted that he started his journey one year ago at the time as he needed to reset many habits. The actor, now 50, revealed he decided to drink less beer, read and write more, eat better food, and exercise among other things.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation star said drinking less helped him lose a major chunk of weight. He also noted that he had taken a whole year off so he could focus more on reading and becoming a writer.

“I needed to stop having nightmares and panic attacks every night. I needed to get more out of my days, feel more productive, not dread turning out the light every night,” Wil wrote in his blog.

He also noted exercising more also contributed to his weight loss.

Celebrity Jeopardy winner is married to wife Anne since 1999

Wil has been married to his wife Anne since 1999. The couple celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary in early November 2022.

Anne is a former actress. Per her IMDb, she and Wil starred together in 2003’s Neverland.

Anne is now an author and blogger herself. On her website,, she documents life with Wil. She has also written children’s books like Piggy and Pug.

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