Born on the 11th at 11.11 am, 11 gifts received on the 11th birthday, how this strange coincidence was made!

A boy is in the headlines for his birthday. The reason for this is the date and time of his birth. From the day of the boy’s birth, a strange coincidence of number 11 joined him. The boy was born on 11 November 2011 at 11:11 am. He celebrated his 11th birthday on the previous day.

According to Daily Mail, the name of this boy living in Hertfordshire, UK is Daniel Saunders. On his 11th birthday, Daniel got only 11 gifts. Both Danielle and her mother Charlotte consider this figure of 11 as their lucky number.

Regarding the birth of Daniel, Charlotte told that he was going to be born six days later. The date of delivery was 17th November. But on November 11, suddenly the labor pain arose and after some time Daniel was born. During this, such a coincidence of number 11 was made that he kept getting involved in everything.

Daniel Saunders with his family

For example, Daniel was born on November 11. The year was 2011 and the time was also 11:11 minutes. Daniel said about his birthday- ‘I eagerly wait for this day. It’s more exciting than any other birthday present.’

He further said- This is my lucky number and it is easy to remember. Nobody forgets my birthday. Along with Daniel, his family members also consider the number 11 as their lucky charm.

Daniel’s 41-year-old mother Charlotte has been considering number 11 as a lucky number since school time. In such a situation, when the number 11 was added in the birth of his son, his happiness knew no bounds. He gave only 11 gifts on his son’s 11th birthday.

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