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"Bigger because of her" Celebrates 50 years of women’s athletics at LSU

BATON ROUGE, La. – LSU Athletics held a special event titled “Greater For Her” Monday night at the Pete Maravich Center to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Title IX.

The event culminated in LSU Athletics’ year-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of women’s college athletics by honoring their pioneers and educating current student-athletes and the community about the history and impact of the past five decades.

“Greater Since of Her” featured a keynote address from NBC Sports host Maria Taylor, a former All-SEC volleyball player and basketball player at the University of Georgia.

The evening was also highlighted by a “Walk of Women,” which recognized some of the most influential women in LSU’s academic and athletic history, and the announcement of the creation of the Sue Gunter Impact Award, honoring the legendary former LSU and the USA was named Olympic women’s basketball coach.

Each year at LSU, the Sue Gunter Impact Award will recognize an individual who has made a dramatic and lasting impact, contributing to the advancement of women and the growth of women’s athletics.

During Monday night’s celebrations, athletic director Scott Woodward paid tribute to the former student athletes who paved the way for women currently competing in varsity sports at LSU.

Woodward noted that the first official record of LSU letter assignments begins after the 1977-1978 academic year; Prior to the ’77-78 season, however, over 100 women had competed in LSU athletics. Those women who had not previously been recognized for their athletics exploits were presented with Honorary Letter Awards Monday night.

“By honoring the past and learning from the incredible women who have competed and contributed as Tigers,” Woodward told honorees, “we will ensure your legacy lives on in the next 50 years of transformation on our campus and.” persists in our community.”

“Greater Since of Her was such an amazing and exciting event!” said Leighan Westfall, LSU Athletics Executive Director of External Relations and Letterwinner Engagement. “I felt privileged to be part of the celebration and to see so many LSU trailblazers in one room. My role at the L Club has given me the opportunity to speak to many of the women honored at the event; The stories about their time at LSU competing as Tigers really inspired me and our entire athletics department.

“As we celebrate 50 years of Title IX, we knew this was the perfect moment to commemorate the women who should have been recognized back then. It was an honor to give these women letter status and welcome them to the L Club!”

The following are the women who received the LSU Athletics Honorary Letter Award Monday night:


Denise Anderson

Yvette Bourgeois

Pam Cook Forest

Believe Bahm

Nancy French

Tammy wall

Annette Guillotte Boudreaux

Pamela Hall Waguespack

Leah Harper

Renee Hoffpauir

Sue Hunt

Donna Hymel

Celeste Jeansonne small

Jackie Johnson Andrews

Julia Jones

Charmaine Seal Keltner

Janet Kember

Cheryl Kirk

Debbie Letlow Burgess

Joan Miller Landry

Marie Savoy

Suzanne Seefeld

Susie Simmons

Elaine Anita Smith-Weary

Wendy Triche

Diana Nelson

Kathy Moffett Luke

Julie Gross


Cathy Cheverton

Deborah Collier

Sheryl Demarche

Val Dicharry

Cathy Fouchi

Brenda Gelespi

Claire Herthum Major

Lori James

Alison King

Jean Marie Lacobee

Judy Littlejohn

Sharon Lovel

Debbie Menzie

Jane Mielenz

Janet Milner

Lee Musgrove

Darlene Nobel Ford

Sandy Oswald

Sharon Patterson

Janie Perdue Lepine

Margaret Sartin

Anna sold

Cathy Sterritt

Jackie Walker

Leslie Waller

Cindy Wingo

Marilyn Woods

Kathie Zepp


Terry Aiple

Christie Beale

Barbara Beck

Cheryl Blake

Lisa Bloom McGehee

Karen Bruegger

Barbara Butenhof

Mary Ann Connell

Lori Cottingham Mountain Stresser

Kim Cunningham

Laura D’Antoni

Alicia Deja

TJ Duhon

Annette Forroux

Annelie Goodwin

Gigi Grimes

Candida Guevara

Carol Horn

Debbie Huck Loux

Laura Hyde

Mary Jane Ingram

Nanette Jaynes

Charlotte McLaughlin

Jan Meador

Shana Moss

Diana Petrocco

Carol Rabalais

Mary Jane Routree

Cheryl Segrave

Cory Smith Meyers

Jan Taylor

Les Williams

Nancy Zundel


Judy Mogalgab

Maria Ellen Walder

Sue Arboneaux

Cheryl Copel

Nancie Wintz

Leila Brynes

Cecile Braun

Karey McGinnis

Peggy O’Meara Arnold

Holly Roig Hatcher

Jessie Badrena

dr Susan Clark Eades

Kathy Koch

Kathy Moffett

Rene Schwing

Shelia Serich Papelbon


Susan Dozier

Barbara Kramer

Beth Borel

Dixie Avera

Kathy Holiday

Anna Hendley

Chotsie Thompson

Carol Parett

Suzanne Baker


Elaine Schweizer

Jane Easen

Martin Glinke

Lee Ann Hoffman

Cindy Leak

Bonnie Bossetta

Sue Landry

Marie Montaluo

Mail Smith

Tisha Weil