Baloto fell on Wednesday, November 23; how much did the winner get

cropped baloto cayo el miercoles 23 de noviembre cuanto se llevo el ganador 15

On the night of this November 23, Baloto did his draw 2,244 in his new home (because he left Canal RCN) and in it came the six numbers for which a player bet.

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The results of the Baloto, which since April 2022 has a new ‘owner’ in Colombia, and the Rematch can be seen below:

Football Highlights

Ballot Winning Numbers Rematch Ballot Winning Numbers
Superballot: 12Superballot: 04

The player who matched all the numbers obtained a prize of 7,500 million pesos, which was the great accumulated.

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However, he will not have to pay taxes on occasional earnings —which could rise with Gustavo Petro’s Tax Reform— so the amount of money he will have will be less.

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Another 12,297 people also won prizes for matching some numbers of the Baloto Revancha; the amounts were between 39,900 and 2,100 pesos.

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Regarding the general game of Baloto, tThree people managed to pocket just over 1,500,000 pesosalthough none won the accumulated 7,600 million pesos.

With this trill, the Baloto announced that the Rematch had fallen: