Android: Six Danger Signs You Can’t Ignore!

The new threats circulating on the Internet have left many Android smartphones in danger and some people ignore the signs. In fact, we have to be careful. It’s just that there are more and more smartphones to be spied on. In fact, it is possible that other people have managed to get into our private life and are listening to everything we say or do with our smartphone. That is, in addition to listening to calls, they can see our email, messages and even change information. Here’s how you can find out if it’s your case or not.

Android: Six Danger Signs You Can’t Ignore!

1. Battery issues

Before iOS and Android became popular, battery problems were a sign of a wiretapping. Hot batteries continue to be a concern when it comes to smartphones. But why? Using numerous apps makes the smartphone hotter, although this is not enough to cause damage. That is, a hotter battery does not in itself mean that your smartphone is being eavesdropped. However, if in the list of most used applications there is one that you have never heard of and that is actually consuming a lot of resources, then the situation is different.

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So monitor your smartphone. Remember which apps you used and how they affect your battery. If you’re always low on battery, despite not using your smartphone that often, it’s too weird a sign to ignore.

2. Increase in data consumption

There are many applications that use a lot of data. However, almost every month we spend more or less the same traffic.

If this amount increases dramatically, we have to understand exactly why. If we can’t find the reason, it could be that a third party is intercepting our messages and calls.

We must not forget that malicious software uses our data to send collected information to an external source. So if you have any of these things on your smartphone, the data volume will really increase.

3. Advertising and unwanted apps

It is true that over time we forget about half of the things that are on our smartphone. However, it is imperative that we know a few things. Or at least that we can recognize what’s on our smartphone and that we’ve never seen anywhere. If you don’t remember installing an app that’s on your phone, it’s probably malware.

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4. Performance issues

The more data and resources are used, the slower the device. Especially if it’s a listening app, believe that the impact on the smartphone is really significant.

5. Strange messages

You cannot ignore any signals. What may seem like spam or a simple call to the wrong number could be an alert that something is wrong.

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Warning signs include random messages with digits, letters and symbols. We may think they are errors but in reality they are commands to be transmitted.

Be aware of any activity you do not recognize. View message strings, social media profiles and check your folder and outbox. If you don’t remember to send something, be suspicious.

6. Call forwarding

This is perhaps the most important thing you can do. Check if your calls are being forwarded somewhere.

If you are on a Samsung smartphone you can go to the phone app keyboard and type *#21*. Then you have to press the call button.

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At that point, a window appears that shows information about the calls. In particular if there is re-routing. In the case of other smartphones the command can be *#67# or *#62#.

If there was a call forwarding, you can easily solve the problem. Just type the command ##002# and press the link symbol. The problem should be resolved.