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Ana Navarro Warns Against Taking Trump’s 2024 Campaign Seriously On Prospect – Hollywood Life

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Ana Navarro had a very serious message for Republicans with the announcement that former Pres Donald Trump would run again in 2024. The view co-host warned that after the 2016 election, Trump was not a candidate to joke with on the show on Wednesday, November 16. She vowed to keep fighting to make sure he doesn’t win another election in one clip that was released.

As the co-hosts mocked Trump’s low-energy announcement at Mar-a-Lago, Ana, who is a Republican, said she had a hard time finding humor in it. “Part of me wants to be with you and laugh, but I’ve seen this movie before,” she said. “I made the mistake, and many other Republicans made the mistake in 2016, of not taking Trump seriously. I won’t make that mistake twice. I’ll tell you all. Don’t be numb to it. Don’t laugh about it. Don’t get tired of it. We beat him once. We can beat him twice.”

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Ana warned Republicans not to be complacent about Trump’s new re-election campaign. (Shutterstock)

Aside from the warning to take Trump seriously, Ana also said it would come down to the voters to keep Trump out of office and said everyone who fought against him would have to continue their fight. “What matters and will make a decision are Republican-based voters who have voted for Trump before,” she said. “We have to keep him out of the White House. Under no circumstances can Americans be exhausted and not fight hard as hell, so this guy is nowhere near the presidency ever, ever, ever again.

Ana hasn’t been the only one calling out Trump after he announced his 2024 bid for the Oval Office. Trump’s longtime rival (and a View alum) Rosie O’Donnell also called him out on one tweet, which featured a monstrous portrait of Trump that the comedian had apparently drawn. “No human respects you,” she wrote of the former president. She also included the hashtag “#loserTrump.”

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Ana vowed to keep fighting to make sure Trump is not re-elected. (ABC)

Besides The view co-hosts who called out Trump, they also talked about one of the notable absences at the announcement: his daughter Ivanka Trump. The former senior adviser announced she would be sitting out this campaign in a statement on her Instagram. “I love my father very much. This time I choose to prioritize my young children and the privacy we create as a family. I do not intend to get involved in politics. Although I will always love and support my father, in the future I will do it outside the political arena,” she wrote.