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After a blustery night, southern Louisiana will definitely “chill out.”

Showers and severe thunderstorms were the norm for much of the day Tuesday through Tuesday night and early Wednesday in southern Louisiana. But as we move into Wednesday, the I-10 corridor should brace for a bit of chill.

At 2:00 a.m., the National Weather Service’s radar station in Lake Charles showed a series of strong storms breaking out of the area. The fast-moving series of severe thunderstorms was draped over Vermilion and Iberia Parish at the time, but should be clear of the area by sunrise.

Earlier Tuesday, the public reported a tornado on the ground near Mamou. As of now, that report hasn’t been confirmed by the National Weather Service, but video certainly appears to show a funnel cloud making a touchdown.

Aprill Blood Carraway, Facebook

Aprill Blood Carraway, Facebook

The catalyst for all this weather chaos is a strong depression centered in the Midwest and a cold front stretching south. This weather system brings the risk of snow into the middle of the country, but here in Louisiana our cold won’t be as great, but you’ll certainly notice the change in conditions as we move through Wednesday.

Forecasters say cloud will decrease in the region in the morning hours, with plenty of sunshine later in the day. But that sunshine comes with a blustery north wind that will make afternoon temperatures look even colder than what your thermometer will read.

Most locations in southern Louisiana have probably already reached their high for today. Most readings on the I-10 corridor at 3:00 am were in the mid 70 degree range. In Lafayette, the temperature at 3:00 a.m. was 76 degrees, in contrast to the 3:00 a.m. reading at Shreveport, which was about 20 degrees cooler at 54.

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That’s what southern Louisiana will feel in the next few hours as the cold front sweeps through the area. Expect warm and muggy temperatures from this morning to decrease as the day progresses. Temperatures should be in the mid-50s by this afternoon. So convince your feeble-minded kids to take a jacket with them. They’ll wish they’d picked theirs up at school this afternoon.

But don’t get too used to the colder weather, it won’t last long. Forecasters say temperatures will be very close to 80 degrees again this weekend in southern Louisiana. That should make the holidays pleasant across the area, even if it doesn’t feel like Christmas temp-wise.

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