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ABC Boat Hire still accepts hen parties despite sinking

Stag dos are still welcomed by a boat rental company that saw one of their vessels sunk earlier this year.

A group believed to be on a stag hired three narrowboats from ABC Boat Hire before sailing in Worcestershire.

Later that evening, on 20 May, the boat was submerged after becoming stuck in a lock at Droitwich.

ABC Boat Hire says that while there is “ongoing action” following the incident, they are continuing to hire out their vessels to anyone who wants them.

A spokesman said: “I cannot comment on the ongoing action in relation to the incident earlier this year.

“However, we continue to hire for large groups and do not discriminate on the basis of gender.

“We continue to offer our thorough British Marine audited handover.”

Worcester News: The narrowboat was found by volunteers.  Image: River Canal RescueNarrowboat was salvaged by volunteers. Image: River Canal Rescue (Image: Image: River Canal)

It is understood the group had hired three boats, abandoned another and continued on the third.

Fellow channel user Amanda Huxtable claims her boat was hit by an ABC boat shortly after 10pm on 20 May.

She said: “I called the police because I was extremely frightened by the events

“These guys were incapable of being in charge of a 65-foot narrowboat.

“ABC had chartered three narrowboats for a bachelor party.

“One sank in a lock after mooring in it, one went elsewhere on the canal system and the third hit me at Astwood Lane near Stoke Prior.”

Volunteers from River Canal Rescue spent Saturday 21 May removing the boat from the lock.

Around 5 p.m. the boat had been removed from the lock and floated again on the canal.

A spokesman for the Canal and Rivers Trust said at the time: “I think it was a hen party and there were three boats.

“One was the one that got into trouble and it was because they didn’t operate the locks and paddles properly, so in the end their boat got stuck.

“We are relieved that there have been no injuries or worse.”