A new enemy standing in front of the soldiers of Ukraine… Apart from Russia, now there is a war with them too.

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Russian soldiers and their attacks are a trouble for the soldiers of Ukraine. Apart from this, mud is now becoming the biggest enemy on the front line. Wet and sliding marshy soil. The trenches built for the war to ambush Russian soldiers are now filled with mud. Keeping an eye on Russian soldiers, ships, tanks and drones by continuously sitting in these is becoming a troublesome task for the Ukrainian soldiers.

Petro of Donbass, ie the area adjacent to the Russian border. Here the risk of life of Ukrainian soldiers is the highest. There is water in the trench. There is a danger of life in emptying them with buckets. But they are doing this work. In the process of extracting water from the buckets, many times they come under the target of enemy’s rifles and weapons. A soldier told that the situation is difficult but we are doing this work secretly. Otherwise you will fall ill from frost.

It is very difficult to protect the borders in these cold and wet trenches. (Photo: Reuters)

The 35-year-old Ukrainian soldier, ready not to leave his land at any cost, said that this is a problem, but we cannot leave our post. It is raining continuously around the front line. The temperature is falling down. Not only Ukraine’s condition is like this, Russian soldiers on the other side of the border are also facing the same problem. The Russia-Ukraine war has entered its 10th month. Now winter is coming here. It rains here before winter.

Last month, Ukraine took back the city of Kherson. Now the government of Ukraine wants to maintain its grip on Russia in the battlefield. But the soldiers are getting worried due to the bad weather. Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbas are forced to live in trenches filled with mud and cold water. Take out the water. But due to the rains, the water gets accumulated again. Due to the formation of mud, the tracks of Ukrainian tanks and armored vehicles are made. Because of which Russian fighter jets or drones can attack them.

There is also a danger of deteriorating health due to continuous stay in wet trenches.  (Photo: Reuters)
There is also a danger of deteriorating health due to continuous stay in wet trenches. (Photo: Reuters)

Ukraine’s Defense Minister Olesky Reznikov had said that in the season that is coming now, the soldiers of both Russia and Ukraine can get some rest. In winter all the activities slow down. This is beneficial for both the countries. Although some military experts say that Ukraine will make its strongholds stronger. Will try to get back the areas under the occupation of Russia.

Defense expert Jack Watling of the London-based Royal United Service Institute says that the winter season will be beneficial for Ukrainian soldiers. Because the areas of Ukraine remain more dry in winter. stay warm. The soldiers also have proper clothes. But the new Russian soldiers who have come for war in this area will not be able to survive in this season. They will not last long in the battlefield.

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