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21 Savage Backs Off His Insults To Nas After Getting Into So Hot ‘I Was An Stupid’

21 Savage faced heat after it was announced that New York rap legend Nas was no longer relevant, and this comes after Nas released his 22nd album King’s Disease III. Unfortunately for the young star, he tried to get his words back but it was too late, the damage was done.

What is the definition of relevance?

After Nas’ album release, Savage went to the Clubhouse room over the weekend and asked the audience what it meant to define relevance, then went on to say, “I don’t feel relevant. I don’t feel like Nas related.”

When he said the crowd told him he was wrong, as soon as he was able to speak he tried to defend his comments, but he seemed to already irritate the crowd.

21 Savage said he has loyal fans

Slaughter chief Gang explained that while Nas continued to make music, he wasn’t making new music and that he has a “loyal” fan base that still favors the ’90s style of rap.

However, nothing could be further from the truth, given that Nas’ productions have awarded him Grammy Awards and are still commercially relevant, the first two sections of King’s Disease albums have appeared in the top five on the Billboard 200.

21 Savage is experiencing a heat wave of fans who are hitting his social media accounts

One fan wrote, “It’s funny that 49-year-old Nas just released 4 albums in better quality than his entire discography, but it’s even funnier when 21 Savage is exclusively due thanks to last year’s Drake.”

Another continued, “The Clubhouse really showed how unintelligent/simple mindset/gossip 21 Savage is. Imagine an n-gga rap, meaning n-gga, calling Nas irrelevant.”

In an interview with Akademiks on the Off The Record podcast, 21 Savage stated that he now regrets the silly comments and that he shouldn’t speak ill of the dead.

I was young and stupid

“I’m not going to lie, rest in peace Bancroll. I was talking a lot about some stupid youth when this bullshit happened, and I reached out and tried to fix this bullshit as it happened right after, but n—I already felt what they felt and understood, so I backed off.”

He continued, “But I knew I was wrong. Right after I saw this nonsense, on my mother, I knew I was wrong for talking about that kind of nonsense because it really had nothing to do with me. It was just some young n-gga shit.”