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Yankees take advantage of rain delay as pitch changes to game 5

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The New York Yankees will take advantage of Monday’s rain delay by starting Nestor Cortes on three days off against The Guardians in Game 5.

Once the Monday night rain delay began in New York, people on Twitter speculated that the Yankees would gain an advantage by shifting the game to Tuesday.

Before the end of the night, the game had already been delayed by a day and the Yankees were running with their chance to get promoted on the hill.

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And in place of Jameson Tellon, who was due to start on Monday, New York will send out Nestor Curtis on Tuesday.

Yankees take advantage of rain delay as pitch changes to game 5

Taillon had a rough run in his previous appearance against the Guardians. He came to climb to the top of 10th place in Game 2 and melted. He gave up two doubles and one while allowing two vehicles to score before being pulled.

He may have had a chance to redeem himself on Monday, but Aaron Boone clearly didn’t have much faith in him to survive the elimination match. Instead, Cortes will take charge after making five rounds in Game 2 with two runs allowed.

The delay would benefit the Yankees in more than just their choice of starting pitcher. Bulls will get an extra day of rest while ace Gerrit Cole can be available in a pinch.

On the flip side, Cleveland is expected to go ahead with Aaron Ceval on Tuesday. However, they haven’t officially announced a start, so Shane Bieber may still be an option. He got the win on Friday going in front of Curtis.

Tuesday is an all-or-nothing game for the right to take on the Astros in the ALCS. This series will start on Wednesday in Houston, so the celebrations for the winning team should be very short