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Worcester City Council hits back on Virtual Time Travel Trail ‘lack of advertising’

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PEOPLE have said they were disappointed to miss a history trail event and questioned whether it had been advertised well enough.

Heritage buildings around the city were transformed into living museum exhibitions on Thursday night as part of the Virtual Time Travel Trail.

Hundreds of people lined the streets of Worcester to soak in the history, with everyone seemingly having a good time.

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However, many residents feel the event wasn’t advertised well enough, with some completely unaware it was even taking place.

Hallow resident Susan Barley said: “I always feel Worcester is great at doing things… but not great at getting the word out!”

Mark Brandon, who lives near the city centre, added: “Very disappointed that I missed this event.

“I had not seen or heard anything about it and I live just off the town centre.”

Kelly Dayus from Worcester said: “I didn’t see anything about this and would have gone to this if I had known.

“Looks like most people didn’t know about it, shame!”

“Absolutely gutted there was no advertising for this! So many people missed out,” added Melissa Flynn.

The trail formed part of Worcester Life Stories, a collaborative project between Worcester City Council’s Historic Environment Record and Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care Trust.

However, a spokesperson for the council said they felt the event was advertised well enough.

They said: “The Virtual Time Travel Trail was extensively promoted in the local press, social media and on regional radio and TV.

“More than 1,400 free trail maps were picked up from the Tourist Information Centre and participating venues in the run-up to the event.”

On the event as a whole, the spokesperson added: “The Virtual Time Travel Trail proved to be a big hit, with more than 1,500 coming along to step back into our city’s history and enjoy the wide range of colourful projects, installations and exhibitions, based around the City Council’s archive of photos of Worcester’s past and the recollections of people who have witnessed first-hand how our city has changed over the decades.

“We have had some great feedback from many of the people who were there on the night, with people describing the event as ‘a great idea’, ‘a great opportunity to investigate some amazing buildings’, and one saying, ‘I’ve always been proud of our city but it was lovely to have it re-enforced’.”