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The Houston Astros are still the best in the MLS and in 2022, they’re looking to reach the ALCS for the sixth consecutive season and reach the World Championship in four of those seasons.

The Houston Astros return to the playoffs for the sixth consecutive season and have made at least the ALCS in each of the previous five seasons.

However, they have only won the world championship once, winning in 2017. However, non-Astros fans believe that the 2017 title is tainted by the signal-stealing scandal. To put the haters to bed, the Astros are (and should be) operating under the mentality of “win the world championship or the statue”.

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Under the new playoff structure, they will not have to play in the MLS Wild Card series as they will have a farewell to the new match structure and will be a number. Single seed in ALDS.

Houston Astros schedule

Since the Houston Astros have had the aforementioned farewell on the Wild Card Tour, they will play their first playoff game on Tuesday, October 11th, which means they will have five days between their last regular season game and their first post-season game.

Due to the shutdown to start the season, the regular season schedule has been changed slightly to accommodate all 162 matches and the post-season is no different.

If the Astros play in all five ALDS games, they will play on October 11, October 13, October 15, October 16 and October 17. He will have a rest day between Games 1 and 2 and Games 2 and 3, instead of taking rest days between Games 2 and 3 and Games 4 and 5.

If they make it to the ALCS, they will start playing October 19 through October 26, if they play all seven games. They will have a travel day between Games 2 and 3 but not between Games 5 and 6, unlike in previous years. In other words, if they need to play all seven games in the ALCS, they will play five games in a row without a day off.

If they reach the World Championships, the usual 2-3-2 schedule will remain and the travel days will remain as well (after Game 2 and after Game 5). The World Championships begins on October 28 and ends no later than November 5.

How do you watch the stars on TV

For ALDS, the Astros will be on TBS for all of their games. If the Astros make it to the ALCS, the games will also be broadcast on TBS. If the Astros reach the World Championships, all games will be on FOX.

How to Live Stream the Astros Playoff Games

For Astros fans in North America, MLB.TV will no longer be available as a live option to watch matches. but, You can sign up for a free trial with fuboTV And watch the play-offs at the Astros there.