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What happened to Sierra in ‘Bachelor in Heaven’?

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While Sierra felt she could be the wife of Michael’s son, James, Michael was suspicious of the relationship. This reached its climax when Sierra showed Michael three stars in the sky. Sierra actually bought Michael these stars to signify that he, his son James and his late wife Laura would always be together.

While Michael was very grateful for the gift and thought it was too cute, he decided to end things with her because he felt the relationship was moving too fast. He said: I can’t put my finger on it [but] Something is missing with us…I think the best thing right now is…a space of romantic pressure and just being friends.”

Sierra, as Queen as she is, was more graceful than ever, even comforting Michael at times. She decides to get rid of herself because she doesn’t want to date anyone else, and she doesn’t watch him dating anyone else.


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