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Union Bank, MobiHealth Int’l announce partnership on telemedicine

Union Bank

Union Bank of Nigeria has announced the first banking partnership with globally recognised telehealth services company, Mobihealth International during a signing ceremony held at the United States Embassy in Abuja yesterday.

The company has also raised significant funding including a $1 million (USD) grant from the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) which was also announced in Abuja.    

Speaking on the exclusive banking partnership with Mobihealth, Chief Executive Officer of Union Bank, Mr. Mudassir Amray said: “Mobihealth’s slate of round-the-clock digital medical solutions including telehealth and other healthcare-related services provides a unique opportunity for Union Bank to deliver on our vision to be a trusted partner for our customers as we look beyond traditional banking services to deliver more value, leveraging technology and digital platforms.

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“We are excited that the exclusive partnership with Mobihealth will bring this innovation to our customers while also addressing a fundamental and critical need with access to improved and affordable healthcare.”

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mobihealth, Dr. Funmi Adewara said: “The prospect of scaling Mobihealth’s services to millions of Nigerians through this partnership with Union Bank is exciting and has the potential to be a game changer. We hope that having access to timely and affordable healthcare will fulfil the popular saying ‘health is wealth’ for over six million Union Bank customers and is a great step in the effort to build a healthier nation and continent.

Mobihealth’s mission ‘to provide everyone with timely access to quality and affordable healthcare and healthcare providers from all over the world,’ has garnered international accolades and awards for the company and its founder Dr. Funmi Adewara, including recognition from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

This partnership is part of Union Bank’s commitment to enabling success for its customers.By leveraging Mobihealth’s solutions to deliver real-time, enhanced telemedicine and remote patient monitoring solutions geared towards providing affordable, all-inclusive clinic experiences, the Bank aims to expand access to high-quality and convenient healthcare services for its customers at discounted rates.

The partnership will also include physical access points for telehealth consultations in select Union Bank branches nationwide.