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Trump asks Clarence Thomas to reverse 11th Circuit Court ruling on classified documents


Donald Trump filed a motion with Clarence Thomas asking the Supreme Court to partially reverse an 11th Circuit Court win for the DOJ.

The Guardian reported:

The motion to revoke the U.S. Court of Appeals 11th Circuit ruling represents the former president’s last chance to temporarily ban federal prosecutors from using the material in their investigation into whether he is illegally using national defense information. has kept.

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In the petition filed with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who receives appeals on the 11th Circuit, Trump asked that the special master be allowed to review 100 documents marked as classified, in addition to 11,000 other documents about to be filed. subjected to UKTN filtering process.

The motion is Trump’s last gasp on this issue. If the Court decides to hear the case, Trump will have to set a high bar because he claims the appeals had no jurisdiction to hear the appeal

Essentially, Donald Trump has taken his stall campaign over the mishandling of documents to the Supreme Court. Although the court has six conservative judges, it has shown itself not to be Trump-friendly.

The former president has yet to win a case in court. The Supreme Court could refuse to hear the case. Should this happen, Trump would have no further options for appeal, and even his legal adviser from behind the bench, Judge Cannon, cannot help him.

Trump tries to delay it, but the DOJ won’t stop as the responsibility comes.