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Tips and tricks for playing Sojourn

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Sojourn is one of the newest heroes to come with the release of Overwatch 2. Being a DPS character, Sojourn and her abilities make her extremely powerful against her enemies if used correctly and effectively. Not only that, but she gets along well with certain characters allowing her to play to her full potential.

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With its high damage output and mobility, it can be tricky to master. If you need help, look no further because everything you need to know is right here. Soon you will be the master of Sojourn and you will easily defeat your enemies.

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8/8 Wait for your secondary fire to be fully charged

Sojourn’s primary weapon is its electromagnetic cannon that fires fast-fired projectiles that build energy. It has a secondary fire that allows it to shoot high impact shots that use said stored energy. You may be tempted to use it whenever you have power, but you should wait until it is fully charged.

Not only does it do more damage, but if your target is authentic, you can get some clean headshots as well. Your initial fire does enough damage on its own that you don’t need to use the high impact shot often unless the enemy is low enough. Patience is key in this scenario.

7/8 Make the most of your energy chip

A power slide like a Sojourn is something you have to do often. It not only gives you a speed boost but also lets you jump higher than before. Of all the DPS heroes in Overwatch 2, in terms of survival, Sojourn is one of the best at survival.

The chip itself allows you to protect quickly and allows you to withdraw from battles when you find yourself in low health. You can also use it to get a higher ground on your opponents and let bullets rain down on them.

6/8 Disabled shot is good for attack and defense

Sojourn’s Disruptor Shot can be used both offensively and defensively. The shot itself allows you to shoot an energy field that slows down and damages enemies. The field itself lasts four seconds and deals a fair amount of damage. Offensively, you can throw it at enemies and set them on fire, killing them almost instantly.

It can also be used as an escape because you will sometimes find yourself deep in enemy lines. When this happens, you can use the shot to slow it down and dash out of there. How and when you use it is entirely up to you.

5/8 Use your best power around a bunch of enemies

The ultimate Overclock game is underestimated because it can turn the tide of battle if used correctly. Sojourn’s final vehicle charges the energy needed to use the secondary fire feature of its electromagnetic cannon. Not only that, but it also increases damage. This all lasts for nine seconds

Instead of eventually using them on one or two enemies, it’s better to use them on enemies grouped together. It allows you to get the most damage from your end and creates the possibility of killing the team in the process.

4/8 Use high-impact shots in support and DPS

High-impact shots that are used for anything but supporting characters and DPS are a waste of time. The point of using them is to try to kill enemies with bullets on the spot and this cannot be done on tanks because they are literal lead sponges.

Pulling support and DPS will severely weaken the enemy team, so be sure to fully charge your energy before shooting. If anything, you should use the tanks in Overwatch 2 to fully charge them as they will help you do it as fast as you can. Just be sure to avoid shooting their barricades because the charge gauge will rise lower if you do.

3/8 Always keep your distance

Sojourn’s abilities are most effective when you are close to a mid-range distance. If enemies like Tracer, Reaper, Mei, or Sombra stand in your way, you’ll have a hard time eliminating them, especially if your Sombra hack prevents you from using your abilities.

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It will be very difficult for enemies to hit you from a distance as you can either throw Disruptor Shot at them or take them out one by one with your electromagnetic cannon. If you find yourself running low on your health, you can slip away to get some health back.

2/8 Try to get good team matches

Finding other heroes who cooperate perfectly with you will be beneficial for your team. Given the fact that Sojourn does high damage numbers, you’ll want to pair up with someone who will help her survive. Sojourn with tanks like Reinhardt and Zarya will ensure her safety as she can provide armor for her to do a bit more damage than usual.

With Mercy, you can not only count on continuous healing, but also receive an increase in damage. The elevator can also allow you to shoot your high impact shot to eliminate enemies instantly even though they are not fully charged.

1/8 Group your attacks together

The main thing you want to learn how to do is chain your attacks together. Learning a specific attack pattern with someone as versatile as Sojourn can really trick your enemies as they can be unpredictable. With the combination she has, Sojourn can always mix and match her attacks.

You can do things like use your Disruptor Shot on a group of enemies, with your shooter, and let your electromagnetic cannon fire away. After you’re done, you slide your way to safety and start the whole cycle all over again. There are many other combinations that will work, so it is up to you to find the best combinations that work.

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