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The Werewolf at Night: 7 Things You Should Know About Marvel’s Character

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As a horror fan, it’s exciting to see a franchise known for producing some of the best superhero movies ever, heavily adopting elements of the genre in its newer titles and upcoming Marvel movies as well. For example, we saw Sam Raimi go back to his roots with Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It’s 2022 and fans are eagerly awaiting some vampire hunts ahead code Rebooting with Mahershala Ali. However, it looks like we’ll soon be blessed with the most powerful and classic example of goosebumps and excitement in the MCU in the form of werewolf at night.

The Disney+ original Halloween movie (and directorial debut by Academy Award-winning director Michael Giacchino) stars Gael García Bernal as a cursed man to take on an animal appearance as he pleases (usually), but uses those abilities as a force for good. This highly anticipated Marvel TV show will see the MCU debut of the titular superhero, who has already led a very interesting history in the comics for decades. Before werewolf at night At its Disney+ premiere on Friday, October 7, 2022, we’ll take a look at all the most important details you should know about this underrated character straight from the pages of Marvel Comics, starting with where he came from.

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The werewolf at night is a native of Transylvania

Created by authors Jerry Conway and Roy Thomas, with artist Mike Plog, Werewolf by Night (often referred to as “Werewolf”) made its official Marvel Comics debut in Marvel Lights #2 February 1972. The three-part origin story was such a hit that the character would soon earn its own title, which lasted 43 issues over five years. Werewolf by Night’s alter ego is Jack Russell, which is a very apt name, actually, but he was actually born Jacob Russoff – a name that originated from Transylvania and is, in itself, a curse that affects most people under the same lineage.

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Being werewolves at night is part of a family curse