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The Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus Roadshow makes a stop in Monroe

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) – The Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus Roadshow stopped in Monroe on October 17th.

The delegation briefed residents on issues such as county redistribution and criminal justice reform, and urged voters to go to the polls for the midterm elections.

“People understand that the count is there,” chairman Vincent Pierre told KNOE about the redistricting. “There was a greater number of minorities and we deserve and should have an additional black district.”

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Pierre also highlighted some of the caucus’ future priorities, including a discussion of marijuana legalization.

“The governor has said openly that he is not in favor of legalization,” Pierre said. “There’s still some talk going on about how that’s going to happen and what’s going to happen. I think it’s a nationwide problem. I’m sure there will be some discussion about legalizing marijuana.”

Monroe representative Adrian Fisher also said that teachers can expect another raise next year after receiving a $1,500 raise this year.

“We have received a commitment from the governor and the speaker that there will be another raise at this meeting,” Fisher said. “We need it. We expect so much from our educators, and they’re not at the Southern average.”

In another note, Pierre says the Black Caucus still wants to hear from Governor John Bel Edwards about the Ronald Greene case.

“We know the governor was unable to testify with the recent ruling, but we hope that at some point he will testify on these issues,” Pierre said.

The roadshow ends on Wednesday in Ferriday.