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“The Lion King” composer Hans Zimmer celebrates with BBC Doc

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The life and work of Hans Zimmer, the Academy Award-winning composer of “The Lion King” and “Dune: Part One” will be celebrated in the BBC Two documentary Hans Zimmer – Hollywood Rebel.

The 60-minute film takes a look at Zimmer’s 40-year journey from post-war Germany to the Hollywood royals. He will seek to reveal Zimmer’s musical secrets during a career that includes scores for the films “Rain Man,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Gladiator,” “No Time To Die,” “The Dark Knight,” “Batman Begins,” and “The Thin.” Red Line” as well as music he created for BBC Studios Natural History films, including “Planet Earth II”, “Blue Planet II” and “Frozen Planet II”.

The film also features interviews with Ron Howard, Dennis Villeneuve, Christopher Nolan, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Barry Levinson, James L. Brooks, Gore Verbinsky, Steve McQueen, Stephen Frears, and Tim Bevan.

Zimmer said: “I am honored to share with a BBC audience such insight into my career and my life. I hope this documentary will inspire and encourage you to pursue your passion without apology and find a deeper understanding of my findings, and above all music.”

“Hans Zimmer has been an integral part of the Natural History production for many years, authoring some of our biggest landmarks, most recently Frozen Planet II,” said Surya Biswas, BBC Head of Natural History. To be able to tell the story of his remarkable life and musical journey in this film.”

The director of the documentary, Francis Hanley, added: “The sheer number of outstanding films that Hans Zimmer has recorded over the past 40 years is incredible. It was a dream job to sit and shoot at the keyboard in his studio as he gave us an intimate and exclusive presentation of the techniques and sounds he created and the ideas that underlie some of his most famous pieces.

“Hans Zimmer – Hollywood Rebel” is a BBC Studios production, and was produced by Jo Shinner of the BBC Studio Natural History Unit. It airs on BBC Two on October 16.

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