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Shops in cities soon to be open on Sundays? Confederation examines change

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Seven days of shopping: Migros is now being targeted by Unia – is the federal government allowing the cities to open on Sundays?

The Unia trade union is backing down in the dispute over shops in Zurich that are open on Sundays. She now wants to fight Migros for this – and must be prepared for a defensive battle: the federal government is considering allowing Sunday openings in large cities as well.

Should shopping also be allowed on Sundays?

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Does the average airline passenger need a new hearing aid, designer furniture or an Omega watch during their trip? No, according to the Unia trade union – and therefore opposed the fact that the shops in the new “Circle” development at Zurich Airport are also open on Sundays. The shops located there, most of which are in the upper price range, do not meet the special needs of travelers, the union argued.