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PlayStation VR 2 report claims that 2 million units will be available next year

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Nearly two years after the console’s release, the PlayStation 5 is still very hard to come by. It seems that Sony does not want to face the same problem when launching PlayStation VR2 hardware, such as Bloomberg Reports state that the company aims to have 2 million units available by March 2023. Production of the peripherals began last month, and it appears that supply issues were not an issue. As of this writing, the terminal doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but it looks like the speaker will get a big boost to start the year!

The original PlayStation VR headset was released in 2016 and Sony reported sales of five million units worldwide in 2019. If Bloomberg’s reports are accurate, it means that Sony has very high expectations for new peripherals and their performance compared to the previous headset. The company has yet to reveal how much PlayStation VR2 will retail; The original unit launched at $399, and fans expect the new unit to cost even more.

It will be very interesting to see the performance of PlayStation VR2 for Sony! VR remains a premium part of the video game industry right now, for a number of different reasons. The cost to buy is quite exorbitant, and there haven’t been many VR games that really elevated the technology to “must-have” status. Some PlayStation fans who purchased a VR headset for PlayStation 4 may feel hesitant to purchase another console, especially since this unit will not be compatible with previous versions of VR games released for PlayStation 4. Last but not least, there are many VR users that have reported About feeling motion sickness when using technology.

With 2023 fast approaching, we hope that PlayStation will reveal some concrete information about the VR2 headset and how much it will cost at launch. If Sony is hoping to sell that many units next year, the company will have to let fans know how much money they’ll have to put aside.

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