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Nintendo Switch sports servers back online after new update

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Nintendo Switch Sports Players should be able to participate in online matches after Game Update 1.2.2, which is now live. According to Nintendo Official Website, recent game server issues were caused by a “saving data entry” issue, which would force the program to close. The second update is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, October 19, bringing the game to version 1.2.3. This update will allow data backups to resume, and any player who is still struggling to access online features after today’s 1.2.2 update should be able to resume normal play.

As an apology to players, Nintendo has announced that Nintendo Switch Online subscribers who own it Nintendo Switch Sports They will be compensated with an additional week on top of their subscription. It won’t make everyone feel better about the game issues over the past few days, but it does make things somewhat even in the recent hiatus! We hope that very few people will still have problems playing online after the latest version of the game has been released.

For those who are not familiar Nintendo Switch SportsThe title is the successor to Nintendo’s Wii Sports franchise. Nintendo Switch Sports Repeats multiple activities from We Sports And the We Sports Resort, including tennis, bowling and chambara, as well as new activities such as football, volleyball and badminton. The game was released earlier this year to mixed reviews; While players seemed mostly happy with the activities themselves, many were disappointed by the general lack of content. Golf is slated to release as the seventh activity in the game later this year as part of a free update. However, no confirmed release date has been given outside of “Holiday 2022”. Now that the game’s online servers are back up and running, we hope that Nintendo can shift the focus to making golf available.

Nintendo Switch Sports Now available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Readers can check out all of our previous coverage of the game, including our review, here.

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