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Microsoft launches website to support Xbox’s Activision acquisition

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Microsoft has launched a new website that offers a range of resources regarding Xbox’s acquisition of Activision. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it would acquire Activision for just under $70 billion. It’s an incredibly historic deal for the entertainment industry as a whole, and if executed, it would be the most expensive deal in gaming history. It would give Microsoft control over Activision, developers like Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Blizzard, and franchises like Call of Duty. It will be a treasure trove of content on the Xbox and this has worried competitors like PlayStation. The head of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, has made his position on the matter very clear, expressing his concern and anger over the deal. Xbox has tried to allay concerns by saying that it will keep Call of Duty on PlayStation in the future, but the long-term future remains a bit uncertain.

Following the news that Ryan visited EU regulators to voice his concerns and file a claim that the EU must make a decision by early November, Microsoft launched a new website. new site Provides clear and concise resources that allow Microsoft to easily discuss their side of the deal. It also includes quotes from various Microsoft sources about the deal and its plans. More clearly, there is an infographic detailing how this deal benefits players, the industry and game developers. Interestingly, Microsoft notes how this acquisition can benefit PlayStation players and the platform as a whole.

As of now, Xbox has noted that it wants to keep Call of Duty on multiple platforms as it does in Minecraft. Of course, Xbox has indicated that it will offer big franchises like The Elder Scrolls and starfield Exclusive to Xbox, so it looks like it’s being evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Call of Duty will benefit from Xbox Game Pass as well, but the great franchise appears to be thriving across all platforms.

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