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LSU employee posed as a woman online and distributed explicit photos of children, investigators say


An LSU Foundation employee was arrested and fired Tuesday. She has been accused of posing as a mother online while posting explicit photos and messages depicting sex crimes against children.

A later search of the employee’s phone uncovered more child pornography, as well as photos showing animal sexual abuse, East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputies said.

Chase Kojis, who served as the foundation’s facility coordinator, was committed to East Baton Rouge Community Jail on 10 felonies, including counts of youth-participating pornography, online impersonation, non-consensual disclosure of a private image, and sexual abuse of an animal.

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On Sept. 7, investigators received a complaint filed by blogging site Tumblr about the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, according to an affidavit. The social media site gave authorities screenshots of text conversations in which a Tumblr user described “sexual acts that she [had] done to their children,” the affidavit reads.

Detectives sued the account’s ISP, Cox Communications, and the IP address was traced to Kojis’ home address on Castle Kirk Drive. A return of the search warrant from Google showed that the phone number attached to the Tumbler account’s email was also the same as Koji’s.

About a week later, Tumblr sent detectives a folder labeled “Conversations” containing 401 files representing chats between the “msashleysblogg” account and several other Tumblr users discussing sex crimes against children.

The website also sent detectives an Excel spreadsheet with multiple entries showing the IP address of Koji’s Castle Kirk Drive as well as an IP address registered with Koji’s employer, the LSU Foundation, the affidavit said.

On October 4, authorities executed a search warrant at Kojis’ home. The affidavit states that detectives found a hidden folder on his phone containing several images of child pornography and images depicting the “sexual abuse of an animal.”

In a statement Tuesday, LSU spokesman Ernie Ballard III said Kojis, 38, was arrested off-campus earlier in the morning by East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputies.

Due to the “extremely unacceptable nature” of the charges, Kojis was fired from his post “effective immediately,” Ballard said.

The arrest is one of several in recent months stemming from a tip filed with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Last week, Antonio Felipe Belda, a pediatric cardiologist at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, was arrested on more than a hundred counts of teenage pornography and 30 counts of video voyeurism after authorities found hundreds of explicit images and videos on his laptop and computer Phone.

An affidavit for Belda, 37, said detectives first learned of his activities after receiving a complaint from Google filed through the NCMEC.

After an investigation, authorities discovered several images online and subsequently sued Google and AT&T, who gave them enough information to link the photos to Belda’s home address.

Detectives executed a search warrant at the doctor’s home and discovered hundreds of other images stored on his electronic devices.

Belda was committed to East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. After his arrest, OLOL spokeswoman Alexandra Deiro Stubbs said he was “terminated immediately,” with no further patient or staff contact.