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Kevin Spacey opens up about gay talk in old age because he was raised by a ‘neo-Nazi’

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Kevin Spacey was on trial because he was meant to be sexual behavior with the A minor actor in 1986. This Monday space He talked about his upbringing and how he was a “neo-Nazi”.

Anthony Rab It was the actor who accused Spacey of inappropriate sexual behavior when Spacey was 26 years old while Rapper was only 14.

MeeToo . movement

At the beginning of the MeeToo movement, Anthony Rab He made a public statement accusing a drunk Kevin Spacey of flirting with him at a party in a private room. An accusation that Spacey denied outright saying that he was never interested in Rab because he was ‘just a child actor’.

The story caught like wildfire and Spacey’s career collapsed almost instantly He lost everything he had worked for since the beginning of his acting career, the most famous of which was his role Frank Underwood in Netflix’s House of Cards.

Spacey comes out

Spacey came out as gay after being accused, stating that he did so not sooner because he did not want to be known for being gay but because of his acting, a statement he later regretted because he received a massive backlash from LGBTQ+ . community Then he had to apologize.

The father of the neo-Nazi

During his interrogation, Spacey’s face turned red and his voice began to vibrate as he depicted what a white fanatic had to raise and neo-nazi My father who “caught with the wrong crowd” and made him and his family move from place to place.

Actor Anthony Rapp has filed a lawsuit against Spacey as he seeks 40 million dollars in damages.


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