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Kanye West’s multiple tours with the black community over the years

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Kanye West He is undoubtedly a genius in music, marketing and entrepreneurship who managed to become an icon and make him a billionaire.

The rapper was so popular that he was even considered by many as one of the black community’s most influential members of the black community. United Statebut he has always remained in the spotlight for his comments on some sensitive topics for African Americans.

Kanye West appeared in a “White Lives Matter” shirt at Paris Fashion Week

Kanye West latest controversy with the black community

Black celebrities recently criticized Kanye West’s clothing choice when he chose to dress up ‘Egg lives matter’ T-shirt, but you Don’t apologize for that.

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When many thought he would back down, he took to Instagram to say that a file Black Lives Matter Movement The movement was a scam and it ended, he added, “You’re most welcome.”

The Egg lives matter The phrase was used by white supremacists who responded to Black Lives Matter Movement social movement.

kanye Comments come after last week, Shlomeya PowersLeader Black Lives Matter Movement He was accused last month of withdrawing more than $10 million in donations from shareholders in his consulting firm.

The rapper formerly known as Kanye West is now only YeAP

Kanye West’s previous encounters with the black community

In the past few years Kanye West He has been criticized for his views on topics considered highly sensitive to the black community, especially in United State.

In 2018, he had two biggest controversies, the first being when he appeared in Saturday Night Live And then defended President Donald Trump From his critics calling him his friend and his defense of those who described him as racist, all this while he was wearing “Make America Great Again” A hat, a staple at ex-President Trump’s rallies.

That same year, he said that 400 years of slavery suffered by the black community seemed like a choice to him, and he described the black community at the time as a mental prison.

Comments He then tried to back off after facing a backlash from his fans and blacks in general.

“To make myself clear. Of course I know that slaves were not handcuffed and put on a boat of their own free will. My point is that we stayed in that situation even though the numbers were in our favor meant we were mentally enslaved,” he explained.

Later, in 2020, he tried to run for president and during a rally in South Carolina, he said the celebrity who abolished slaves Harriet Tubmannever freed the slaves, but rather made the slaves go to work for other white people, and his comments did not go well with the public, especially when Tubman is often seen and called “Moses are her people”.