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JJ Abrams’ Superman project is still in the works despite the return of Henry Cavill

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The future of DC movies is still in flux, especially amid the recent changes related to the Warner Bros. discovery. One of the most unexpected projects announced in the last few years was A Superman The reboot from acclaimed Ta-Nehisi Coates and executive producer J.J. Abrams. Over the past year, updates surrounding the project have been relatively insignificant – but it looks like it’s not dead yet. New report from The Hollywood Reporter It examines details of DC’s future movie plans, including those exclusive images from Warner Bros. Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdi hope to get the green light man of steel A sequel with the return of Henry Cavill as Superman. According to their report, Abrams is “still on track” to produce the Coates movie, which will exist outside of the main DC movie continuity.

It comes after the latest report on the film noted in April of this year that Coates “will be submitting a draft script…soon.” A subsequent report in June indicated that the studio “has not yet finalized plans” regarding this project.

What would JJ Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ be? Superman be the movie about?

Coates has previously been rumored to be about Black Superman, and is likely to be a short film set sometime in the 20th century, apparently in line with Superman’s original comedic appearance in 1938. Michael B. In the HBO Max series, with rumors suggesting he could play Val-Zod.

“Being invited to the DC Extended Universe by Warner Bros., DC Films and Bad Robot is a huge honor,” Coates told Shadow and Act In a statement when his movie was first announced. “I look forward to a meaningful addition to the legacy of America’s most famous legendary hero.”

“There is a new, powerful and touching Superman story yet to be told,” Abrams added. “We cannot be thrilled to be working with the wonderful Mr. Coats to help take this story to the big screen, and we are so grateful to the Warner Bros. team for this opportunity.”

“Ta Nhisi Quats Benny and the world Open a window and change the way many of us see the world,” echoed Toby Emmerich, former president of Warner Bros. Pictures. We are confident that his participation in Superman will give fans an exciting new way to view Man of Steel.”

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