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Jeff Probst creates a surprise engraving while drawing Survivor

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Saturday Night LiveIts 48th season is back on the show with a new episode after last week’s break, and the first graphic made a surprising debut in a long time. SorvivoHost Y, Jeff Probst! The opening sketch for the episode hosted by Jack Harlow featured Harlow himself as a groom getting married. But soon everything falls apart when it’s revealed that his best man came to the wedding (which took place on Halloween night) as the Joker. It soon unfolds into a huge new conversation about the outfit itself, turning into a full-on vote much like we saw in Survivor.

The long-running CBS reality series is currently making its way through its 43rd season, and while Probst himself will likely be busier than ever, the Survivor host made a surprise appearance during a Saturday Night Live play when the families of the bride and groom were asked to take in a show. Vote on whether or not the Joker costume is finally suitable for Best Man. With a full torch complete and all the fixings one would expect from a surprise and host, fans have been buzzing about this debut.

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Saturday Night Live Currently making its way through season 48 of the series, it has made several changes behind the scenes due to the number of external cast members after the end of previous seasons. Mainstays for several seasons such as Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson, Eddie Bryant, Kyle Mooney, Melissa Villasinor, Alex Moffat, Aristotle Athari and Chris Reed have left the cast. Filling in the blanks were the likes of new additions to actors like Marcelo Hernandez, Molly Kearney, Michael Longfellow, and Devon Walker.

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There was concern that Cecily Strong wouldn’t return this season, but she has been brought back into the series with this episode! You can find the previous 47 seasons of Saturday Night Live Streaming now with Peacock, season 48 of the series is now streaming its new episodes on the streaming platform as well as Saturday evenings live on NBC at 11:30 p.m. ET.


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