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George RR Martin Is Too Busy Writing ‘Winds Of Winter’ To Play ‘Elden Ring’

Elden Ringthe open-world, spiritual successor of the dark souls series, saw the involvement of Game of Thrones author George RR Martin, who contributed to the game’s backstory.

Like dark soulsthe story of Elden Ring isn’t exactly told to the player – it’s implied, suggested by suggestive item descriptions, the vague wanderings of NPC characters, and experienced through the world itself.

Aside from the declining aristocracy with confusingly similar names, clinging to power as their bodies degenerate into painful horrors, it is difficult to know the extent of Martin’s involvement; game director Hidetaka Miyazaki referred to Martin’s world-building being used as a “tabletop RPG dungeon handbook.”

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You would assume Martin would love to see his ideas manifest in the dilapidated realm of The Lands Between, but Martin, like many writers, is a master procrastinator and fears the addictive power of Elden Ring.

During his performance on The late show with Stephen Colbert, Martin admitted:

“I haven’t played it because people seem to want this Winds of winter book… I unfortunately have a totally addictive personality. I played video games a long, long time ago, I played games like: railway tycoon, Master of Orionand home world and I would be drawn into it. Weeks, months passed and I sat there in my red flannel robe and just said ‘one more game, one more game’. I can’t, I must be cold, this is going to kill me here.”

Martin’s instinct is right; Elden Ring is devilishly addictive and intimidatingly huge. It’s far too easy to spend an evening exploring the world on horseback, or getting knocked down repeatedly by a behemoth, assuming that the next attempt will surely bring victory.

By the way, Martin already has quite a few distractions, as an executive producer on HBO’s House of the Dragonworking on the next episode of Fire & Blood (on which the HBO series is based), as well as the following Dunk & Egg novella.

Martin has previously spoken about his inability to meet deadlines, which has led to many angry reactions from fans who are tired of waiting for the highly anticipated Winds of winterthe penultimate part in his Song of Ice and Fire series. Martin stated:

“I’ve given up making predictions because people are pressing me and pressing me, ‘When will it be done?’ And I make what I think is the best guess, and then something happens. Then everyone gets mad that I lied. I’ve never lied about these predictions. They’re the best I can do, but I think I overestimated my ability to get things done, and I underestimate the number of interruptions and other projects, other demands that will distract me.”

According to Martin, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent months of quarantine have led to an increase in productivity. In his blog, Martin wrote, “If nothing else, the forced isolation helped me write.”

Recently, Martin claimed to have written “about three quarters” of the book, but is still hesitant to give fans a UKTN. In an interview with Vanity Fair, he said, “I’m making progress, but I’ve given up hope of predicting the end… It’ll be ready when it’s done.”

Martin has previously described: The winds of winter as “a monstrous book, the size of a dragon.”

If he ever manages to complete the tome, then Elden Ring will be waiting for him, probably with additional DLC, just to increase the procrastination.