Fires raging near Victoria

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Firefighters took to air, land and sea to tackle an out-of-control bushfire in Victoria’s north-west on Tuesday morning.

The BC Wildfire Service contracted three helicopters early Tuesday to assist ground crews on the east coast of Finlayson Arm, where a half-hectare fire was spotted early Tuesday morning.

Wildfires engulfed the area around Finlayson Arm on Tuesday morning. (CTV News)

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CTV News learned that the fire was started by a hiker who got lost in the area and lit a campfire to keep warm.

At 1:30 p.m., Longford Fire Rescue said the fire was under control and unlikely to grow in the current weather conditions.

According to Highlands Fire Rescue, the fire was spotted overnight, but its remote and difficult location made it difficult to access in the dark.

The area near Hydro Road is defined by steep hills and dense forest.

Firefighters, including municipal responders from Longford and Highlands, are reaching the area by boat.

highlands fire 1 6095517 1664903748695Wildfires engulfed the area around Finlayson Arm on Tuesday morning. (CTV News)

Firefighters gathered at the Goldstream Boat Launch to reach the area around 8am.

According to Provincial Fire Information Officer Julia Caranci, heavy, early-morning fog delayed the arrival of helicopters on the scene.

Crews are monitoring nearby power lines to ensure hydro transmission is not disrupted by fires or firefighting efforts.

The cause of the fire is still officially under investigation, but human-caused is suspected, Caranci said.

Longford Fire Rescue said there was no immediate threat to any homes in the area.

Fires raging near Victoria

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Fires raging near Victoria

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Fires raging near Victoria

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