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Fake Tweet by Aaron Hernandez sets the internet on fire

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TPeople’s homes were cheated today by a viral tweet related to the notorious and murderous NFL player Aaron Hernandez.

Football star Aaron Hernandez has been a standout in Bristol Central High School Before going to Florida, where he continued to shine, and was chosen by patriots In the NFL Draft.

His arrest and subsequent conviction for murder in 2015 marked the beginning of the end for it all.

Following the success of ‘DAHMER’, Netflix is ​​producing a limited series of Aaron Hernandez with John Berthal In the lead role,” read a tweet from a parody account DisbusingjFilmAnd of course being the internet, everyone thought it was Discussing a movie So Hell ensued.

Best Reactions to Fake Tweet About Aaron Hernandez Series

A fan suggested the “Murder Cinematic Universe” in the style of what Marvel does with its characters.

Others were really angry about it.

Someone else is weirdly excited about the possibility of this being the gateway to the possible Chris Benoit docu series. Benoit was very popular WWE The wrestler who killed his family and then committed suicide.

And some got really emotional about the situation, which is understandable, but it was all fake. The series was never inevitable, which shows us the importance of reading before sharing or commenting on social media.

Finally, we have those who just want to watch the world burn.


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