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Expected CFP rankings after Ohio stays, Georgia, Michigan and Tennessee dominate

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Texas Longhorns. Mandatory credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

College Football’s first playoff rankings will be released on Tuesday, and we’ll be breaking down the Week 10 rankings for the Top 25 CFPs after a crazy Saturday.

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It’s now nine weeks into the 2022 season, and that means the first College Football playoff rankings for the season will be released on Tuesday, November 1. We’ve been looking at the AP Top 25 all year, but the selection committee has its own criteria and way of looking at what we’ve seen that will begin to paint a clearer picture of what the playoff could look like.

It’s a very interesting week as the first CFP rankings drop after we saw two of the top 10 teams in the AP Top 25, Oklahoma State and Wake Forest, explode with surprising losses. Meanwhile, we saw Georgia, Michigan and Tennessee all dominate the rivalry games while Ohio State had to come in from behind after being half way behind.

So what will the first college football rankings look like? We have our specific expectations after the ninth week procedure.

Predicted college football standings after Week 9: No. 25-21

25. Texas Longhorns

Does Texas deserve to be in the top 25 of the 2022 preliminary rankings? Honestly, maybe not. But I have a feeling they’ll get the big name the committee often gives to teams like the Longhorns. The good news is that the Texans will have a chance to prove they belong after idleness when they travel to face Kansas next week.

24. Oregon Beavers

I made the case for Oregon to be in AP’s Top 25 list last week and I still think they deserve the nod. It didn’t go that way, but some of the losing teams should make their way into the supplement rankings. The Beavers’ only defeats came to USC and Utah, two of the country’s top 12 teams. That’s a solid resume and they could draw more from it if they beat Washington on the road next week.

23. Freedom Flame

The only thing holding Liberty back is the fact that their schedule this season hasn’t been that strong. However, they are now 7-1 on the season, and Hugh Freeze, locked in with a new extension, has a team that looks as good as it should be against most inferior competitors, and that has pushed Wake Forest to the brink in one game. point loss. We’ll find out a lot more when they face Arkansas next week but the Flames deserve some love.

22. UCF Knights

The UCF was on its way to the rankings last week before suffering a stunning loss Saturday night to East Carolina on the road. But the riders were likely looking forward to their final win over seed Cincinnati this week. The biggest concern is losing John Rhys Plumley to an injury but Gus Malzan has made this team cook up in a big way.

21. North Carolina Wolfpack

With quarterback Jack Chambers in reserve, it looked like NC State could win and still fall out of the top 25 in any ranking. But they made the move to MJ Morris against Virginia Tech on Thursday and the third player re-ignited the attack and moved the package to 6-2 on the season. They’re still not the same team they were with Devin Leary, but with their defense and reinforcement from Morris, NC State looks a lot more dangerous than it did a week ago.