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Did Kyrie Irving yell at Ben Simmons to shoot the ball to Bucks?


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Did Kyrie Irving yell at Ben Simmons to shoot the ball to Bucks? originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Brooklyn Nets fans aren’t the only ones pushing for Ben Simmons to be more aggressive on the attack.

During Brooklyn’s loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday, Kyrie Irving appeared to yell at Simmons to shoot the ball after passing a shot from close range.

In the third quarter, Irving rode the track with a quick break and delivered a pass in the paint to Simmons. Simmons caught the ball with a few defenders around him, took one dribble and passed it back to Kevin Durant at the top of the 3-point arc – all without ever looking at the hoop. Durant then dribbled into a pull-up jumper from the free-throw line, which he made.

But after Simmons passed it on to Durant, the TV show picked up on someone saying, “Hurry up, Ben!” And based on Irving gesturing angrily under the basket, many on social media believed the comment came from the seven-time All-Star.

The viral moment came amid another very quiet night for Simmons, who scored four runs as he shot 2-for-7 overall and 0-for-2 from the foul line as the Nets dropped to 1-3 in the young season .

In Brooklyn’s first four games, Simmons has racked up no more than seven points in a game. He scored a total of 21 points in 117 minutes of action, shooting 9-for-20 overall and 3-for-9 on free throws. That’s an average of five shots and 2.25 free throws per game.

While Simmons has averaged more than seven assists, his scoring impact and aggressiveness are much lower than in previous seasons. In 2020-21, his most recent season on the field, the three-time All-Star scored 14.3 points on 10.1 field goals and 4.9 free-throw attempts per game with the Philadelphia 76ers.