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Cooper Rush has incredible stats that Cowboys QB has never claimed

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Copper Rush has made an unexpected impact on the team this season, and he’s had a better start than anyone else in the series.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback Copper Rush has made an unexpected impact on the team this season.

While most everyone was ready to write off the team after Dak Prescott sustained a hand injury in the season opener, Rush didn’t just go ahead, he put in an impressive performance. In fact, he is the first midfielder in franchise history to start his career 4-0 as a starter.

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Rush wasn’t the expected start to the season. Prescott, unsurprisingly, was the initiator until things took a bad turn and went downhill in the first week. After Prescott broke his thumb in the opening game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rush stepped up and did an amazing job.

This season, he has 60.8 completions, 737 yards and four touchdowns. There is a question looming over whether or not he can take Prescott’s place as the Cowboys starting quarterback, but Jerry Jones put an end to that speculation wisely.

Cowboys: Cooper Rush fared much better than expected with Dak Prescott out

Prescott has been reliable since starting his career in 2016 with Dallas, and ended up as a replacement for veteran Tony Romo. Rush could do the same for Prescott, but it doesn’t look like his NFL career will be over soon.

Both midfielders are able to achieve good results. Four games is a good amount of time to see if a player is going to be consistent, so it looks like the Cowboys have two quarterbacks in their hands.

There’s no argument for a Dallas quarterback based on Prescott’s long-term success and overall cap compared to Rush. However, the backup Cowboys has undoubtedly earned himself a great payday and is likely to become a business asset for Dallas going forward.